The best website to sell Commercial Property in India

 Which is the best website to list your Commercial Property for Sale in India.

List your property at HOUSING BHARAT COM, link is below and as you visit the website, many Whatsapp contact buttons can be seen at the home page of the website. Click on any of these buttons and send the website team the photos, video and other information about your property so that your property listing can be created.


The answer to this question is that you should list your property at those real estate listings website which will post your property listing on a separate listing page and the page should be entirely devoted to your property listing only. There should be 10-15 images of your property, your phone number and Whatsapp hyperlink on your listing ad which will encourage the interested people to call or text you on Whatsapp directly.

How to prepare a good listing for selling your Commercial building .

For preparing a outstanding and convincing property listing, you should click some good photos of your property by any device including your phone, provided the camera of your device should be greater than or equal to 8 MP. The image should be clear and bright must not be blurring.

Importance of video for selling your Commercial Space

Video can play a very comprehensible role in persuading the clients. It is advisable that you should hire a good cinematographer for filming a video for your property.  But, if you can't afford it, there is nothing to be depressed. You can make a good professional looking video by your phone! Just follow the steps below;

Download Open Camera app from Play Store for free.

Make video from Play Store in horizontal mode of your phone. Make clips for all parts of your property separately.

Don't worry for the editing and adding video, send the video and photos to the housingbharat com team by Whatsapp. Your video will be edited and uploaded on You Tube channel and Facebook page of the website.

The best website to sell Commercial Property in India

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